Why I Stopped Doing What I Love To Do (2).png

Isn’t it funny how early on in life we know what it is we are called to do? Whether it is that we that have a full revelation of what our life’s purpose is or we have interests and ideas that we can pursue for the future.

As we grow older, we try to keep our dreams alive, hoping that one day we will achieve them but then life happens and our dreams get shut down. Situations arise, the pressures of life kick in, negativity and failed attempts discourage us from pursuing our passions. Living in a fast-paced society where the ‘need’ to have your life together takes precedence over the importance of building character, setting firm foundations and making sure your values are in check, doesn’t help neither…

(Read my post/borderline rant ‘you don’t have to have your stuff together by your late teens/early 20’s’)

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