Girls Talk London: Women Talk Event Review


Who doesn’t love a bit of it? Especially when it comes to discussing real issues women face in the media and music industry.

Last Tuesday, I attended the Women Talk: Media, Music, Influence and Empowerment event hosted by Girls Talk at the Redbull Music Studios in London.

The event was targeted at women who want to make it big as a #girlboss in the competitive  and sometimes cut-throat world of media. The driven, go-getting panel of women gave us an insight into their careers and dropped some words of wisdom in the discussion addressing: combatting low pay, recognition of women in journalism, being assertive in a “male-dominated” field, getting your ideas across and speaking about race issues in the workplace.

The Panellists:
Jennifer Savin – Junior Features Editor at Cosmopolitan

Coco Khan – Senior Editor, Complex UK

Natasha Lunn – Features Editor, Red Magazine 

Emma Gordon – Project Management, Complex UK

Corinne Redfern –  Freelance Features Editor and Writer

Here are some of the key peices of advice they shared regarding:

Job applications

  1. Go for jobs that you aren’t totally qualified for -it’ll challenge you to create your best application yet
  2. Know the publication you are writing for
  3. Be creative about your application – but keep it relevant

Interning tips 

  1. Put yourself and your ideas forward
  2. Fill in the gaps – be the person they need, create your own role!
  3. Have confidence in your worth and what you can bring to the table


  1. Someone out there wants to needs to hear your voice
  2. Choose the right route for you – if university isn’t for you try an apprenticeship
  3. Keep having the conversations you are passionate about – you’ll remember why you love what you do

Getting in the door with no experience

  1. Show employers that you actually write – a blog, in a magazine, whatever! Keep a portfolio
  2. Freelance – be flexible and get to grips with rejection
  3. Get yourself out there – apply for jobs, go to networking events etc.

I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation and it was great to be around successful women doing their thing but also empowering and supporting others in the pursuit of their goals. Going to networking events like these remind me to keep practicing my craft as a journalist, not to give up and most importantly invest in my character and acknowledge my value and worth.

What other tips would you give to women trying to make it in journalism? 

What has helped you land your dream job or internship? I’d love to know! 

Tracy x

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Freelance Journalist from London, UK.

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