Girls Talk London: Women Talk Event Review

GIRLTALKKKK!  Who doesn’t love a bit of it? Especially when it comes to discussing real issues women face in the media and music industry. Last Tuesday, I attended the Women Talk: Media, Music, Influence and Empowerment event hosted by Girls Talk at the Redbull Music Studios in London. The event was targeted at women whoContinue reading “Girls Talk London: Women Talk Event Review”

You don’t have to have your life together by *insert age*

First and foremost, I just want my peers to understand that it’s okay not to have it altogether. It’s okay if you’re not balling right now, if you’re not working your dream job, if you didn’t get those A* grades or even if you haven’t reached your ‘glo up’ yet… You don’t have to have your lifeContinue reading “You don’t have to have your life together by *insert age*”